How does APM work?

Acknowledge Proactive Monitoring is Software as a Service (SaaS) that you can access and operate with any modern web browser. Each organisation has its own environment in APM, with space for multiple users. The software monitors IT systems and gives an alert signal if a deviation or malfunction is detected. There are warning signs and critical alarm signals. A warning means there is no interference yet, but there is something that requires the attention of IT management. In the event of an alarm, a malfunction occurs that may require corrective actions. For each status indicator there are thresholds for alerts. APM has default values that we can adapt to your organisation, environment, and system.

Configuration versions for networking parts

With APM, you always have the current configuration of network equipment available. When this monitoring system detects a change in configuration, it automatically saves a version. This helps IT management with:

  • Finding the cause of malfunctions
  • Recovering configuration errors
  • Replacing failed network systems, such as firewalls