Information security

Keeping your information security up to date is becoming increasingly important for organisations. Clients expect that you handle data carefully and confidentially and prevent it from falling in the wrong hands. Businesses also need to meet more and more legislation and regulation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and standard frameworks (for example ISO27001 or NEN7510).

To build a strong information security, it’s important to know the risks that threaten your organisation. The role human impact plays is just as important as the ICT facilities. You can only take adequate measures when you know where your organisation is vulnerable. The goal is to draw up a realistic improvement plan by balancing the potential impact with the required means, fitting to your organisation’s wishes and abilities.

We combine the integral approach to information security with a practical approach in three stages: recognise, solve, and prevent. In the first stage we take inventory of the current situation. We’ll perform a security assessment to develop an overview of the most important risks and needed countermeasures. Then we’ll give advice and offer a realistic improvement plan to solve the weaknesses. We also help organisations to handle weaknesses and information security developments in time (PDCA).


Information security

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Our security approach is efficient and adapted to your organisation's needs.

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Ranging from tecyhnology to humans, from strategical to operational and from broad to deep.

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We combine what's possible and what's needed in a realistic and feasable improvement plan

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