Digital workplace

When employees want to work regardless of location and time, a mobile strategy is that incorporates more flexibility for employer and employee is necessary. By working in a digital workplace, your employees always have access to digital tools to help your customers. You can focus on the customer and better respond to the needs of your target group.

A good digital workspace allows users to always work (together) in a modern and convenient way. The most important news items and the organisation’s internal systems are located in one central place: the social intranet. The intranet is secure and employees can quickly and easily access their digital workplace. Chats, communication through video, and realtime collaboration in documents make it easier to work together remotely.

Acknowledge’s digital workplace is an integral service based on Microsoft 365. End users can work (together) in a completely digital environment. Everything that employees need to perform well and to help customers is brought together in one central workspace. With intuitive and user-friendly tools and processes, you can increase the productivity of your employees. Our digital workspace completely aligns with the daily work activities of employees, allows you to be flexibel, and improves your employees’ experience.

Digital workplace

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Our digital workplace approach

We have the appropriate digital resources to create the best digitale workspace for your organisation.

Communication and cooperation

Improve your communication by collaborating in documents, video meetings, and chats.

User-friendly and easy

Easily accessible technology and correct information for end users.

Easier application landscape

Save money by only offering applications that are actually used.