By combining a broad knowledge of healthcare with effective ICT for healthcare, healthcare providers are able to focus on what’s important for the client. We simplify healthcare processes and set up a strong IT infrastructure. We’re a sparring partner that helps you proactively. We either serve as an extension of your own ICT department or we can take over your entire ICT service completely and set it up with a specialised Healthcare Desk. By implementing the latest healthcare technologies, we guarantee quality and contribute to the healthcare of the future.

Our approach to healthcare

The successful deployment of healthcare technology requires a connection between care and ICT. Our dedicated team has experience in the healthcare sector, knows the processes and speaks the language of healthcare professionals. Together with the healthcare organisation, we determine which solution best fits the technical and functional issues. In addition, we work with driven experts and industry leaders in technology.

Because we’re specialised, we can offer service that has a meaningful impact:

Reliable communication with client and patient.

Easily available and reliable information and fast contact between caregivers.

Successfully embedding innovation in daily healthcare processes.

Project and program management that focusses on changes for complicated projects, such as VIPP.

Gaining and keeping control of information systems.

Recognising bottlenecks that lead to improvement plans and structural safeguarding.