IT administrator

The business continuity is the foundation of the business operations of every organisation. To achieve this, good management of the ICT environment is essential. But how do you acquire the appropriate knowledge? You can do this by (temporarily) hiring an IT administrator who optimally manages your organisation’s data and processes.

A specialised IT administrator performs inspections, makes sures the systems are always up-to-date and ensures that disturbances are fixed faster and better. This will save you a lot of stress and even money on the long-term, so that you can get more control of your business processes.

By using an external IT administrator, you not only gain a lot of knowledge, but also benefit from the expertise of Acknowledge. Our flexible professionals work closely with our team of specialists. The IT administrator also works at your organisation, allowing the communication with the IT department to run as smoothly as possible.


Our IT administrators' qualities

By hiring one of our IT administrators, you can regain focus on your core business.

24/7 availability

Our powerful IT management ensures that your ICT environment is available 24/7

Best approach

We support you and map out the best approach for your organisation.

Extended experience

Our IT management specialists have a lot of practical experience and often receive training.

Our IT administrators

Our experienced ICT specialists can help you manage your ICT environment day and night.

Workplace manager

The workplace manager is tasked with maintaining the hard- and software and connects system management with the service desk.

Application manager

The application manager manages your applications and information systems, both functionally as technologically.

System manager

Our system managers keep your ICT environment managed and maintained.

Network manager

Our network managers safely manage your computer network and quickly solve networking problems.