On our website we use cookies, simple data files that are sent with the pages of a website or flash application. By allowing us to place cookies, you save time and have a nicer experience on our website.

Your browser stores cookies on your computer’s hard drive. The information contained in these cookies can therefore be sent back to our servers on a subsequent visit. Very useful, because it allows us to tailor our website to your preferences. And to be fair, we also use a number of cookies for marketing purposes.

Your settings

You can choose how much data you want to share with us. The more you share, the better your experience on our website will be.

Types of cookies

We can better tailor our services to your preferences by checking which pages of our website you visited. This will make it a little easier for you. To do this, we use different types of cookies.

Permanent cookies

With the help of a permanent cookie, we recognise you when you visit our website again and can tailor it to your preferences. If you consent to the placing of cookies, we may remember this. This means you don’t have to repeat your preferences every time. Permanent cookies can be deleted through your browser settings.

Session cookies

We also find it interesting to see which parts of our website you have visited. We use session cookies to track this. This will allow us to fine-tune our services even more. A session cookie is automatically deleted when you exit your web browser.

Google Analytics

Because Google places cookies on our website, we can keep track of how visitors use our website. This information will be anonymised as much as possible. Your IP address will definitely not be given out to third parties. We use Google Analytics version 4 and are fully compliant with GDPR guidelines.

Social media buttons

On our website you can find buttons to like or share pages via social media channels Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. These networks also place cookies on our website via bits of code in the buttons. Are you curious about what Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram do with your data? Check their privacy statements regularly.

Right to inspection and removal

If you shared your personal information with us, you have the right to access or delete your data. When it comes to accessing personal data associated with a cookie, we also need a copy of the cookie in question. You can find them in your browser settings. Please contact our data protection officer to request access or deletion of your personal information through