About us

Since 1994, Acknowledge has supported organisations in achieving their goals by applying and support ICT solutions and services. In our ICT service we combine passion, creativity and the smart use of technology to make organizations more effective.

That’s how we work

By combining a wide range of disciplines, we find the best solution for customers, no matter what the demand. Together with our clients, we translate ICT issues into a functional policy with the use of ICT solutions. Our customer relationships are open, honest and personal. In addition, we strive for a customer focus that delivers performance in one go.

This is what moves us

All our activities are designed to generate more results for our customers. We ensure optimal performance of ICT for the end user, so customers can focus on their own core activities. Our business focuses on continuity and flexibility, so that we can build lasting relationships with our customers. We believe that’s how technology can have a positive impact on people and their jobs.

Our core values

We’re convinced that people make a difference, within Acknowledge and for our clients. Our employees commit to finding the best solution for our customers every day. They’re guided by our core values, the foundation of our organization.


Our approach is always personal, within our company and in contact with customers. We improve ourselves daily by sharing knowledge. That is how we deliver ICT from person to person.


Delivering what you promise: that is what it’s all about! We continuously challenge our employees to improve the customers’ performance and help them find a connection on today’s fast market.


We’re constantly looking for the most fitting solution based on the unique situation, new technology and the customer’s needs. That’s how we generate agility, momentum, and efficiency.

Over Acknowledge
Over Acknowledge

Our partners

Together with our technology partners, we create new solutions, innovations and services. This is how we deliver the best experience for our customers every single day.