IT secondment

A lot of organisations struggle with finding high-quality ICT staff. By offering flexible secondment of our IT professionals, we can both grow in the ever evolving world of technology.

Whenever your organisation reaches peak moments or has one-off projects, your organisation might need the help of one or a few ICT professionals for a shorter period of time. We offer (temporary) secondment of professionals in a wide range of fields, ranging from interim project managers to administrators and developers. In this way, we do not only serve as an ICT service provider, but also as a secondment agency for ICT professionals.

Our professionals are authentic, have an extensive network, are given ample learning and training opportunities, and use all the necessary facilities and expertise within the Acknowledge portfolio. As a result, we can provide secondment of ICT professionals through recruitment. These ICT professionals support your organisation and solve IT issues. Whatever your needs, we offer the right people!


Our approach to secondment of IT professionals

With our approach to secondment of ICT professionals we match knowledge and technology in the best possible way.


Authenticity and personal service tailored to your organisation.


Professionals with extended experience.


We can provide our professionals at the moment you need them the most.

Acknowledge ICT recruitment

We offer flexible forms of work for the (temporary) deployment of expertise through IT recruitment.

IT project manager

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IT administrator

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Support engineer

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Our developers integrate tailor-made software and mobile apps.

BI specialist

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Digital expert

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