IT service desk

The IT service desk often isn’t part of the core activities of an organisation and doesn’t generate any revenue. Small organisations usually don’t even have a service desk for IT affairs. Projects related to IT are usually assigned to someone who has little knowledge of computers. These projects are also often divided among several people within the organisation. However, have you ever given thought to outsourcing your ICT service desk?

Organisations mainly want to focus on their core activities, so outsourcing an IT service desk seems to be obvious. You can do this in several ways. For example, we can assign qualified specialists to your organisation as part of a secondment. Using an IT service desk remotely is also a possibility. A major advantage that outsourcing brings is that you can respond faster to changes and pay a fixed amount periodically. You don’t have to pay for courses and trainings, for example.

When you have a well-performing ICT service desk is, you can avoid high costs and a lot of annoyances. A lot of time gets wasted when sales staff needs to fix printer problems or the internet connection due to breakdowns. The qualified specialists working at an IT helpdesk can quickly and professionally fix these problems, so everyone in your organisation is able to focus on their own tasks.

IT service desk

The approach of our service desk

Our qualified service desk staff are ready for your organisation!

High level of expertise

Access to a professional multidisciplinary team of ICT experts.

No more worries

You don't have to worry about the capacity and quality of the IT service desk.

Cost efficient

A completely integrated service desk tailored to your organisation allows you to predict ánd save costs.