Support engineer

During a major internal change or technical project, your organisation may need some additional support to answer employee questions. A well-qualified support engineer will get you up and running to find and solve ICT problems. This will help your employees quickly!

A support representative (also called a support engineer) is the first contact point for the technical issues and failures that your organisation’s employees encounter. They always strive to solve them as best they can. Small questions are often fixed on the spot. Does anything fall outside their area of expertise? They’ll involve an IT or management department to get it fixed together.

It is possible to hire a single support engineer or use the Acknowledge service desk capabilities. Our whole support staff has good communication skills and focuses on finding solutions for the end user. As an organisation, you save a lot of time, money and frustration. Your staff will also work more efficiently after IT changes.

Support engineer

The qualities of our support staff

Our qualified and experienced support engineers are ready for the next ICT change in your organisation!

Trained and certified

The right qualifications and certificates for the most common technologies.

Good communication skills

Empathy, understanding, and listening set the right priorities.

Knowledge of IT

Experience with common techniques, such as Microsoft products, Citrix and SafeNet.