Digital personal workplace for healthcare

Our ambition for healthcare? A personal digital workplace that is incredibly easy, allowing every healthcare professional to use this workspace instantly. We understand that not every organisation is the same: different people have different needs. Does your organisation require a simple automated application form? No problem! Do you want every employee to be able to share news? We'll take care of it! We will set up the portal so it fits your organisation's wishes.

Microsoft 365 in healthcare

Microsoft 365 provides the basis for the digital workspace for healthcare. You start the day with the SharePoint portal and can use Microsoft Teams as the optimal collaboration platform. From here, you navigate to important healthcare applications. We bring work, information, and coworkers together by combining all necessary digital healthcare programmes in one central location. In this way, we offer a comprehensive and secure digital workplace for healthcare that can be used optimally.

Starting your work day

When you use this digital workspace, you only see the application that you need to do your job. You quickly find the client's information and can even personalise it. Does this sounds like a utopia? Not when we have anything to say about it!

Work together anytime, anywhere

You create a workspace that every employee can use instantly by combining the right solutions for your organisation in a clever way. We set up the healthcare workplace in a way that brings knowledge, information, and coworkers together.

Secure and easy to manage

We want to make ICT services as simple as possible. We look critically at how we can simplify and secure different systems that you already use within your organisation, so healthcare professionals find the information they're looking for faster.

The power of the digital workspace


percent of our customers experience a significant improvement during their work every day


percent of employees working remotely say their productivity has improved


percent less sick leave due to employees being able to work flexibly

These healthcare organisations use our digital workplace

We believe in long-term cooperations with our customers. We support them with our digital workspace and they deliver the best healthcare!

  • Savant Zorg
  • Stichting Maria-Oord
  • Neos
  • Bevolkingsonderzoek Oost
  • Severinus
  • ZorgSaam
  • SWVO
  • Thebe