What do your employees need?

Getting acceptance from your employees involves more than handing out manuals and offer training. It may be even more important that the functionalities of the new digital workplace are well aligned with the wishes of employees. After all, they will be the ones using the digital workplace. Therefore, our adoption strategy is always based on your organisation’s current situation and needs.

The focus on adoption combined with the knowledge and experience that Acknowledge has in healthcare gave me a sense of security."

Michiel BaelemansStrategic IT advisor, SOVAK

A fresh perspective

Your healthcare organisation probably doesn’t have a lot of experience with introducing a new way of working, but we do! We are very familiar with IT adoption in healthcare. We’ll view your organisation with a fresh perspective. By approaching the change from the technological, functional, and human perspective, we can take into account the employees who will end up using the new technologies.

The perfect combination

We’ll make sure you can get started with the new technologies straight away by providing a combination of educational material that suits your organisation. Our communication will start from the beginning of the project and will continue even when our work is done. In this way, we can involve the enthusiasts in your organisation in the process, so that they can inspire others and serve as ambassadors of change.

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