The right device

The digital workplace for healthcare isn’t complete without an appropriate laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. The technical management of such devices is remote and centralised with Microsoft Intune. They’re set up to suit your organisation’s needs completely. Important applications, user rights, and settings are ready when you receive the device. Just log in with your username and passwords and get started safely and efficiently!

Just log in once and get full access

Healthcare professionals generally face a large number of systems and login credentials. Logging in to every application separately takes a lot of time. Fortunately, nearly all applications can be integrated with out digital workspace. You only log in once to automatically log in to every application that you need. That’s what we call single sign-on (SSO)! With SSO, your organisation will gain more insight into the accessibility of employees to linked applications. As a result, healthcare technical management will be much easier.

Double identity check

You are very flexible if you can work at any time and from everywhere, but this could also cause problems for the safety of patient data. The solution for this is multi-factor authentication (MFA). Apart from your regular password, MFA also needs extra confirmation through a token or a special app. Sometimes MFA uses a finger print or facial recognition system. We will make logging in as easy as possible, for example by minimising the amounts of time you are requested to reconfirm.

Automatic updates

It is necessary to update your application regularly to make sure they’ll continue to run properly. Because we take over technical management of the healthcare workplace, updates for Windows and Office applications run automatically. This allows you to always do your job and keep the workplace optimally secure. Would you like to receive automatic updates from the supplier of your other applications? That’s not a problem either!


Authorisation to accelerate processes

Accelerating processes is in high demand, for example to authorise specific applications. Clear authorisation flows decrease the number of steps and allow people to take decisions more quickly. It’s even possible to receive authorisation for a specific application by obtaining a training certificate.

Our service desk is available 24/7

Our service desk has a special healthcare department. Do your employees encounter problems with the digital workspace? The healthcare desk will help them. This team takes their time to answer questions, provide support, and process requests. They understand the healthcare sector like no other and will always be able to find a fitting solution.