Software licences

Your employees are a lot more efficient and productive with the right software programs. But before they can work with this software, you need the right licensing. What software licences do your employees provide the possibilities they need? And how do you make sure they are always safe and up-to-date?

An Office 365 licence is now one of the most widely chosen software licences for business owners. Organisations have long since stopped working just with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Today, you have a wide range of programs that help staff work quickly and effectively, such as Teams and OneDrive. The Microsoft licence you choose depends on your organisation’s needs.

We always give you the choice of the latest software licences, even for multiple devices. The perfect fit if you want to give your employees the ability to work flexibly, whenever and wherever they are. And of course, our specialists guide the implementation of the licences from advice to commissioning.

Software licences

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