Business applications

More and more business applications are becoming available in the cloud. If these applications meet the requirements and needs of your organisation, why wouldn’t you use these? You don’t have to invest in additional computer hardware. These applications can be quickly implemented and it is easy to scale them up or down. Employees are mobile and can access their data through the applications in the cloud 24/7. Very practical, but you need to pay attention to a couple of things.

Standard apps for business in the cloud can relieve the IT infrastructure of the organisation, they’re often easy to implement and can ensure that the sub(processes) are standardised and automated. When you implement the appropriate application in the right place, you can increase efficiency and flexibility at the workplace, provided that the applications integrate well with the rest of the business software. If you work with several suppliers, then all these applications need to be integrated as a whole with your back office. Our IT experts will take care of this for you!

Business applications in the public cloud can’t be tailored to your organisation. Standard business apps usually don’t have all functionalities that your organisations requires. If you have specific requirements or wishes, tailor-made applications are the solution. Tailor-made applications can be deployed in both the cloud and on-premise. We’ll take care of the required connections to integrate the applications with the back office flawlessly.


Our approach to business applications

By using our integration method, all your business apps will collaborate to achieve optimal results.

Tailored to your organisation

We contribute our ideas and make sure that all apps integrate with your back office.

Continuity and flexibility

By using an appropriate user-friendly app, you increase continuity and flexibility at the workplace.

Single sign-on

You only need to log on once to gain access to several applications.