Public cloud

A great benefit that working in the cloud brings is that you don’t have to invest in computer hardware and infrastructure. Therefore, the number of organisations that are considering to partly or completely move from on-premise to the cloud is growing. However, before you decide to switch to the cloud, of course you want to know whether the public cloud suits your organisation.

Public cloud providers, such as Azure and Amazon, provide their servers to a third party, allowing organisations to run their software and save their data on these servers. If you share the same server with different organisations, then it’s called a public cloud. The section meant for your organisation is virtually separated on the server, so your data is shielded from the other users of the same servers. Your employees and you always have access to your business data through an internet connection.

The public cloud provider is responsible for the investments in computer hardware, updates, maintenance, and repairs. In this way, IT management will become much easier for you. You only need an internet connection and a business device to start. Another great benefit is that public cloud-based services can easily scale up or down. You only pay for what you use, so you can quickly respond to changes in the market or within your organisation.

Azure public cloud

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