On-premise space is becoming more expensive and scarce, and small private data centres are not able to scale up sufficiently. The multi-cloud is a strong solution for all these challenges. By using multi-cloud, we can easily combine several public clouds with a private cloud and possibly the organisation’s own on-premise space. As a result, organisations have to invest less money, meaning that they can lower the costs.

A multi-cloud space uses two or more cloud services (public, private or hybrid). The multi-cloud often isn’t even a conscious decision, but the result of decisions that are made during the process. For example, if there are any changes in the supply of solutions or when the rates change, organisations will need to review decisions and move workloads to a location that is most convenient at that moment.

For organisations that are motivated by digital transformation, having a focus on the core business, mobility of employees, availability, data analysis, safety, and privacy of the utmost importance. Providing service that efficiently supports the existing processes without putting (time) pressure on the users aligns perfectly with this focus. By combining the best cloud-based services, multi-cloud lowers risks and costs, your organisation can increase flexibility and support continuity. In this way, the organisation operates more efficiently and can improve user-experience.


Our approach to the multi-cloud

Acknowledge is a reliable cloud partner and we are committed to excellent management and fast expertise so your organisation's continuity will always be monitored.

Completely tailored to your organisation

A reliable partner that offers fast expertise and on-demand possibilities.

Continuity and flexibility

Lower your risks and costs, decrease delays, and prevent vendor lock-in.

Single sign-on

User-friendly and manageable thanks to user's central management.