Private cloud

Nowadays the private cloud is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs. Processes and files can be hosted on a private business cloud on a special server. This server can only be accessed by your organisation through a private and secured connection.

A private business cloud can be hosted through external cloud providers or on-premise. There are many reasons to decide to use a cloud-based solution for your organisation. The complete infrastructure can be completely tailored to your organisation, especially if you choose an on-premise server. After you’ve purchased the cloud, the variable costs are also lower compared to a public cloud.

A private cloud is very secure, because sensitive data is processed through a private connection. Would you like to find out more about the benefits this type of cloud has to offer? Or would you like to receive more information about the possibilies of having a cloud-based solution tailored to your organisation? Contact our specialists with no obligation and find out the options for your organisation.

Virtual private cloud

Our private cloud approach

Our cloud experts have experience with all cloud-based solutions and are happy to help your organisation.

Completely tailored to your organisation

Layout which is adapted to your organisation's desires and needs.

Very secure

Your sensitive data is processed through a private connection and therefore extra secure.

You manage the cloud yourself

The intrastructure can be controlled completely by your ICT department.