Managed hosting

If your organisation has its own website, webshop or web application, then configurations, creating back ups and optimalising your IT security take up a lot of time. If you use managed hosting, you don’t have have to worry about this anymore. You’ll be able to focus on your organisation’s core activities.

The managed service for your virtual private server (VPS) ensures an optimal speed for your web environment. And you can always count on receiving automatic updates. The VPS also manages the technical aspects of your website, webshop or web application. We will take care of the optimalisation. Close collaboration between both parties plays a central role. Therefore, managed webhosting is always carried out in coordination with your organisation.

By leaving managed hosting of your online environment to our team of specialists, you can be sure that the management of your website, webshop or web application will always be up-to-date and secure. We can completely adjust the managed webhosting to your online environment to make sure your online environment always performs best.

Managed hosting

Our approach to managed hosting

We take over the management and maintenance of your hosting platform.

Fast VPS server

High speed due to correct use of plug ins, javascript, css and images.

Optimal performance

The loading time of your website, webshop's or web application's will be reduced on the server side.

Always up-to-date

Back-ups, configurations and IT security will always be optimalised due to 24/7 monitoring.