IT outsourcing

Businesses can’t function without technology. However, ICT landscapes become more complicated and harder to manage. By using our services for IT outsourcing, you’ll have an overview and be in control again, so you can focus on the core activities of your organisation.

Many organisations encounter great challenges in the field of ICT. Finding skilled employees is difficult and technology advances at an ever-increasing speed. On the other hand, ICT is becoming increasingly essential for business continuity. By partly or completely outsourcing your ICT, you effectively manage your capacity and occupation. In this way, you’ll have more flexibility, can focus on your primary business, and only pay for what you really use.

Partly or completely outsourcing ICT to an external party is a large step. Thanks to our 24/7 support and maintenance through our our service desk, managing services and innovative programmes, we will take over your concerns. Together we’ll look at your current situation, discuss your wishes, and align these wishes with the business goals of your organisation. We offer ICT support, you are in control of the costs!


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Our approach to IT outsourcing

With our proven method we offer ICT outsourcing tailored to your organisation.

Extended experience

We have extended experience in the field of ICT outsourcing.


The core activities of you organisation determine which projects you outsource and which you don't.

Improved utilisation

Efficiency and saving on costs on the long term by using resources more efficiently.