IT migration

IT migration comes in many different forms, such as software, work station or back end migration. Other types include transferring on-premise to on-premise when you buy new computer hardware or on-premises to an online service when you migrate to the cloud. Our specialists will be happy to provide a reliable IT migration without losing your data, minimising downtime as much as possible.

Migrating ICT is increasingly becoming more complicated. It is rare to migrate systems and data directly to the cloud, because the infrastructure or applications control the product lines of an education or healthcare system. This leads to a hybrid form of ICT: it can partly be found locally when you’re using Office 365 in the public cloud. At the same time you can use a service in a private cloud. You don’t migrate completely to the cloud. Instead, we use the solution which suits your business best (multi-cloud).

It is important to align your on premise systems and cloud services and run them safely during an IT migration. Receiving support from an ICT partner is helpful during this migration. Our migration specialists will happily help you with a complicated IT migration to ensure a stable and future-proof solution.

IT migration

Our approach to IT migration

We use our best practices to achieve a complete IT migration and help you along the way, from beginning to end and beyond.

From inventory to design

Inventory of all systems, applications, processes, and required functionalities.

Testing and acceptance

We always check if everything operates properly and as designed.

Proper follow-up

Training, adoption, and a proper transfer to internal management or our own support.

IT migration at Acknowledge

Our specialists work in several fields to ensure that your ICT migration will run smoothly.

IT adoption

We offer enhanced adoption of ICT solutions by using targeted communication, training or coaching. Read more...

IT outsourcing

(Partly) outsource your ICT challenges to us.

On-premise to cloud

Transition to the cloud at your own pace while receiving full support. Read more...

Hardware migration

Our specialists will migrate your hardware without any problems.

Network migration

Your organisation's data and application will be moved properly.

Software licences

Replace your outdated software quickly and easily with new systems. Read more...

Business applications

Gain more flexibility and productivity by using automated business processes. Read more...

Printers and telephony

We will quickly replace your old printers and phones without any problems.