Hybrid cloud

Organisations that start to use the cloud don’t have to invest in computer hardware and infrastructure anymore. They’ll always have access to their business data, no matter where they are. The hybrid cloud uses two environments (public and on-premise) that collaborate with each other flawlessly.

The cloud offers several options. The public cloud is flexible, can be scaled up or down, and can quickly respond to changes. You only pay for what you use. The private cloud, however, is less flexible, but allows you to set up and manage the server in the way you want. Would you like to benefit from all these advantages? Then the hybrid cloud is the right solution for your organisation. You continue using your own on-premise system and combine it with software in the public cloud.

Migrating on-premise systems is often expensive or complicated. If you decide to start using the hybrid cloud for business, you don’t have to migrate your on-premise systems. By using a hybrid cloud solution, you don’t lose all your expensive investments in on-premise systems and their infrastructure. On top of that, your organisation will keep control over the safety and reliability of the systems. You can decide to move certain subprocesses to a public cloud. Thanks to the hybrid cloud, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Hybrid cloud

Our hybrid cloud approach

Hybrid cloud allows you to transition to cloud computing gradually.


You determine which data and application you want to host in the cloud and which on-premise.

Scale up or down

You can easily scale up or down when the work pressure increases or decreases.

Transition at your own pace

Move your workloads gradually to the public cloud.