From on-premise to cloud

More and more organisations move from servers on location (on-premise) to the cloud. However, the right solution is different for every organisation. Our multidisciplinary team can help your organisation move everything to the cloud.

When you move to an on-premise environment, all data and software for your business process are installed on servers that are located on a server space at your organisation. A great advantage of this is that you’ll be in control of everything: from software to computer hardware and data storage to security. However, this also means that you’re responsible for having the right knowledge, software updates, and infrastructure, such as server spaces with airconditioning and fire extinguishing systems.

If you work in the cloud, you use your ICT service provider’s external servers through an internet connection. You don’t have to invest a lot of money, have access to your data 24/7, and can easily scale up or down. You only pay for what you use. Considering migrating to the cloud, but still want to keep a server on-prem? And which cloud do you want to switch to?¬†Our experienced specialists will happily help you with these questions, so you’re not on your own!

From on-premise to cloud

Move from on-premise to the cloud with our approach!

There are many reasons to want to move to cloud. We will help you with our approach.

Highly experienced

Our specialists have knowledge of the implemention and management of all cloud solutions.

Continuity and flexibility

We use the correct scenario for migration to the cloud, so your business processes will be safe.

Integral support

Our multidisciplinary teams will help your organisation during the migration and implementation.