BI specialist

The use of data is becoming increasingly important for modern organisations. But how can you effectively interpret and use the data you collect? A BI specialist brings structure to all your company’s data and provides valuable insights for making strategic decisions.

Our data specialists with knowledge of Business Intelligence are happy to work for your organisation. They analyze reports, restructure the various data sources and develop a data warehouse. This data warehouse collects, validates, and combines data from a variety of sources. Within the data warehouse, a BI specialist builds standardised data sets that run BI reports. They take data management to the next level in every organization.

Does your company need a BI specialist who thinks about data-driven work and can turn data into useful information? Then you might consider (temporarily) hiring a data specialist. With the help of Business Intelligence, they make data available and usable for everyone.


Business Intelligence works for you

We provide data specialists with knowledge of Business Intelligence and the optimal processing of business data.

Experts in data warehousing

Bringing together various data streams in the correct data warehouse structure.

Working in big data sets

Extensive experience with various software systems, such as SQL, Power BI and SSRS.

Monitoring the data quality

Attention to detail, decisiveness and good distinction between main and secondary matters.

We will help you!

We are a large team of passionated and entrepreneurial professionals. We feel most at home where organisations, information, processes and people unite. We achieve progress by connecting the power of people, organisations and technology. Interested to know what we can do for you?

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